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Snacks in the Nicey Lounge




Snacks in the Nicey Lounge

You are hungry and it’s too early for lunch, why a small snack for waiting the right time of lunch or just to have a gourmet break in the Nicey Lounge while waiting a collegue or after work in our Coworking space.

Our snack served with aperitive or if you have a bit peckish, enjoy to eat a snack from 10am to 11.30am and from 2pm to 6.30pm !

Salted and cold snack
The traditionnal sandwich ham and cheese  6.00€
      2 part of cheese  6.00€
      3 parts of cheese   8.00€
      5 parts of cheese  12.00€
Bowl of green salad   4.00€


Salted served warm
Cake or tart of vegetables  7.00€
Croque campagne salad 13.00€
Croque salmon salad 13.00€
Tartin goat cheese and honey 13.00€


Pour le sucré
Chocolate cake with vanilia ice cream  8.00€
Fruits salad  8.00€
Dessert of the day  6.00€
Crème brûlée  8.00€


Please, excuse us if sometimes it miss what you want. We are cooking with fresh products.