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Spirit of the Nicey Lounge

 The Nicey Lounge,
a new concept where
friendly and authenticy are his words

This period where everything stops will source of thinking and a new story to write…
A new collaborator in the cuisine with Morad, to start a new story where the Auberge de Nicey existed.

To be like at home…friendly and with professionnal service

I would like a friendly space where the you feel like at home but always with a professionnal service and an authentic french cuisine. Installed in a sofa, on a standing table or at a table, started the day in a good mood and enjoy to have breakfast, and also have a macchiatto coffee with a friend or your collegue. Enjoy to have a glass of local champagne or taste a cake or a snack or enjoyed to have lunch or dinner with your love or your friends in the Lounge.

Local producer and sustainable economy

We are always for the local producer to keep the proximity in your plate and also share with you our best local address.
With Chlorophylle, one of our vegetables producer we are making a real dynamic with the sprig of vegetable and the coffee grounds who are reinjected in their compost…le loop is closed !
All others goods will arrives….we will call you back !

Share, meet in our events

Then, I would like a place where you can share, have discussion and enjoy to meet local producer for a tasty meet or cultural events like to learn what’s ayurvedic medecine or for a wine tasting…
A planning will be on line and you can book your place for a dinner, for a tasting or learning !